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Pitt St Diner, Photography and Video, Redfern, Sydney


Winning Pitches, Generating Ideas, Creating Social Content, Banjo Advertising, North Sydney, Australia

Interactiva, Interactive Projection Mapping, B-Side Creative Space, Sydeney, Australia

Lips, Interactive Projection Mapping / concept, sculpture, projection, audio analysis, Fables From The Threshold, Sydney, Australia

Light Touch Wall, Interactive LED wall / Electronics, 2016, S1T2, Canberra, Australia

Infinity Lights, Interactive LED installation / custom sensors, 2016, S1T2, Melbourne, Australia


Cathay Pacific Light Bird, LED Sculpture / Sound analysis, 2015, S1T2, Sydney, Australia

Ebay Innovation Lab, Experimental exhibition / Tracking and data collection, 2015, S1T2, Sydney, Australia

Energizer Christmas, Kinect based interactive game / Sound design and technical support, 2015, S1T2, Sydney, Australia

Infinity Lights,  Eastlands Plaza Interactive Light Installation / Custom Sensor Technology, 2015, S1T2, Melbourne, Australia

Little Grains, Educational Software, 2015, MCA, National Center for Creative Learning, Sydney, Australia

Little Vids, Educational Software, 2015, MCA, National Center for Creative Learning, Sydney, Australia


ION, Installation, 2014, Crosstalk Video Art Festival, Budapest, Hungary
Pinchi, Installation, 2014, Imagining Vision, Budapest, Hungary
Knock Knock, Installation, 2014, Hungarian Design Week, Budapest, Hungary
Ocho Tonos, Mentoring / Installation, 2014, KIBU, Budapest, Hungary
Weight Of Words, Mentoring / Installation, 2014, KIBU, Budapest, Hungary
Insta City Guide, Soundtrack, 2014, Isobar, Budapest, Hungary
Benny Hyper, Design Concept / Website, 2014, KIBU, Budapest, Hungary
Bring Your Own Beamer, Event, 2014, MÜSZI, Budapest, Hungary
Imagining Vision, Exhibition / Curation, 2014, Capa Center / KIBU, Budapest, Hungary
Talent Program, Education, 2014, KIBU, Budapest, Hungary


Electornic Beats, Installation, 2013, Wien, Austria
Display II>, Light Facade Installation, 2013, Goethe Institut, Budapest, Hugnary
Aura/Aurora II, Installation, 2013, Machfeld Gallery, Wien, Austria
Zapland, Design Concept / Soundtrack, 2013, KIBU, Budapest, Hungary
Stylewalker Day&Night, Soundtrack, 2013, Budapest, Hugnary
Body Studies, Performance / Soundtrack, 2013, Jurányi, Budapest, Hungary


Pie Chart Player, Installation, 2012, 2B Gallery, Budapest
Snake Charmer, Installation, 2012, KIBU,Budapest, Hungary
Between The Lines, Installation, 2012, KIBU, Eindhoven Design Week, Netherlands
Space Line Structure, Installation/ Soundtrack, 2012, KIBU, Budapest, Hungary
Trinity Kick, Installation / Sound Design, 2012, KIBU, Budapest, Hungary
SubMap x Urbancycler, Soundtrack, 2012, KIBU, Budapest, Hungary
Paint Up!, Interaction Design/ Soundtrack, 2012, KIBU, Budapest, Hugnary
Timelesstime, Object, 2012, Budapest, Hungary
Sound Objects, Object, 2012, Budapest, Hungary
Glasses for Couples, Object, 2012, Budapest, Hungary
KIBU X Mokk, Education, 2012, KIBU, Budapest, Hungary
Invisibe Signals, Education, 2012, Fontys Hogeschool Eindhoven, Eindhoven, Netherlands


Beat Your Mouse Movement, Design Concept /Installation, 2011, KIBU, Zero 1, San Jose, USA
Aura/Aurora I, Installation, 2011, 2B Gallery, Budapest, Hugnary
Book of Jonas, Installation, 2011, Trafo, Budapest, Hungary
Bzzz, Installation, 2011, Sziget Festival, Budapet, Hungary
Coastwatch Project, Installation / Workshop, 2011, Bloc, KIBU, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Hug Me!, Light Facade Installation, 2011, KIBU, Goethe Institut, Budapest, Hugnary, Service Design / Website, 2011, KIBU, Budapest, Hungary
Alguna, Conceptual Design, 2011, KIBU, Budapest, Hungary
Noisy Coat, Intelligent Textile / Performance / Soundtrack, 2011, KEPP, artMuse, Buchfeld, Germany
Submap: Ebullition, Soundtrack, 2011, KIBU, Lodz Design Festival, Lodz, Poland
Wikisprint, Workshop / Soundtrack, 2011, KIBU, Kunsthalle, Budapest, Hunary
Noise Music, Workshop, 2011, University for the Creative Arts, KIBU, Budapest, Hungary


Reading Umbrella, 2010, Object, Budapest, Hungary
Creatures 19, Light Facade Installation, 2010, KIBU, Lánchíd 19 Hotel, Budapest, Hunary
Landelion, Installation, 2010, KIBU, Kinetica Art Fair, London, UK
Bacarobo Europe, Event / Soundtrack, 2010 – 2012, KIBU, Budapest, Hunary
Media Facades Festival: Children Pix, Soundtrack, 2010, KIBU, Budapest, Hungary
Poem Bean, Soundtrack, 2010, KIBU, Budapest, Hungary
L’Io (Inner Self), Soundtrack, 2010, CAMERA International Film Festival, Cambridge, UK


Wind Music, Installation, 2009, ARU, Cambridge, UK
Aquapeace, Installation, 2009, ARU, Cambridge, UK
Levitation, Soundtrack, 2009, Cambridge, UK
Metropolis, Soundtrack, 2009, ARU, Cambridge, UK
Pac Maniac, Soundtrack, 2009, ARU, Cambridge, UK